Episode 114 – Mailbag

– What is the best way to mix songs with off beat snares?
– Do resident Dj’s at clubs still exist or have promoters taken over?
– What are some good edit’s/remixes of “Sweet Caroline”?
– How do you get drops from artists as a mobile DJ?
– Should you play an artists songs back to back/same song two times during the night?

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  1. In regards to playing songs twice in a night…. I’m not always against it. Sometimes I’ll play a popular song around 12:30 when things are really crackin and then play a house remix of it around 2:30 when things are just starting to wind down. Never the original twice though.

  2. You know what always throws me off. “Clipse – Grinding” I’ve been meaning to drop it into ableton and warp it to check if it was just recorded like that.

    oddly though “party in the usa” does not have the same effect and its got the same sample. Possible the claps or snares could be off and throwing my blend off.

  3. On the subject of resident djs vs. promoters’ djs.. I myself am a promoter’s dj, but I was just lucky to meet the right promoters. I’ve only been djing for a little over a year with this company, but they promote at two of the biggest clubs in Boston now – Royale on Fridays and Estate on Saturdays. A couple months ago, they were promoting at a smaller place, Whiskey Park and I had the opportunity to play there until they switched venues to Estate. Even after the promotion crew moved, Whiskey Park asked me if I would still play for them, so that’s how I scored my first residency! And I also hold opening residencies, if you may call it that.. at Estate.

    Sooo.. I wouldn’t say that it’s bad, but finding the right promoter definitely helps getting your foot in the door and getting your name out there. =)

  4. @Benny C — Thanks for the feedback man….we always like to hear what other DJs think!

    @F457L4N3 — I think the version of Miley you play is a redrum. Whoever did it must have quantized the Clipse beat in ableton, before adding it to the Miley tune.

    @Jesse — Glad you were able to make the most out of your situation + sounds like they give you pretty good exposure. Good to hear!

  5. @F457L4N3 – The Clipse beat is extra weird. I tried to re-make it a few years ago to figure out wtf was going on. lol If I remember correctly it goes between 4 bear measures and 5 beat measures, so it never lines up correctly. You can find a good 4 or 8 beat section to loop during or right after the chorus though, which is what I usually do.

  6. – If you play “real” hip hop, Stuff from J. Dilla, Madlib, 9th Wonder and those types can always be a trip. They do (did for J. Dilla) alot of hands on live beat tapping on the MPC which dont always line up or get quantized.
    – Resident DJ’s are becoming more scarce. In the SF Bay Area, It seems that promoters have completely taken over and bring in their own DJ’s and rotating DJ’s. Lineups never change much, and its pretty much disappointing to know exactly what to expect at each event, just by looking at who is throwing the event or venue.
    – Too much focus on “How many people can you bring?” from both club promoters and venue owners. Isn’t that their position? I understand if I DJ somewhere, I will make sure I promote, but a “promoter” is supposed to be in change of bringing the big amount of people.
    – Newer artists are always best to work with, esp. before they blow up. I’ve managed to get 16 bar freestyles and custom vocals from some cats who are now on Top 40.
    – Spread your tracks out over the night… Don’t burn yourself out playing too many of the same artists back to back.

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