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Dj JD Spring 2014 Bootleg Pack (Free Download)

Every now and then we have to post our own personal DJ tools, so here are a few of my latest to spice up your uptempo sets with DOWNLOADS! Read More »

Zedd – Find You (Matt Cebenka Remix)

Here’s another dope remix from Matt Cebenka.  He takes the monster vocal by Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant from Zedd’s “Find You” and turns it into a hard hitting, yet musical club anthem.   Read More »

What Do You Do When Someone In India Steals Your Profile Picture?

As we approach 8 billion people on the planet, the world just keeps feeling smaller and smaller… As our friend Dj Joey G (happy belated birthday!) was reading the comments on another blog, he came across a familiar profile picture.  I’m sure he was thinking, ... Read More »

How To Fix Your Macbook Power Cord for $10!

If you own a Macbook, you know the frustration that comes as your power adapters cord slowly frays over the course of a year or two.  I usually don’t mind giving Apple my hard earned dollars, but I’ve had to buy one too many $80 ... Read More »

Why I’m Not Surprised by EDM Ghost Producers

If you’re seriously surprised or upset by hearing that some of your favorite EDM tracks were made by ghost producers, like Jay Spring seems to be in his article last week (READ HERE), you really need to do what most people who love their craft ... Read More »

Those Were Balloons Popping, Not Gunshots

LOL, take a page from this DJ’s playbook…  from the article “Providence Club Ordered Closed After 2 Gang Members Shot” in the Providence Journal. Following an early morning shooting Saturday at Karma Nightclub that critically injured two Boston gang members Read More »

Quaaludes > Molly

I’m pretty sure this is the (much too old for the club) guy I met at the club last week who said, “this place is ok, but it’s no Studio 54.”  If this guy from the 70’s could find his way to a webcam, I ... Read More »

I’ve Asked This a Few Times

It’s Saturday night.  Get ready to ask yourself this question over… and over… and over again. Read More »

Pioneer DDJ-SZ

This looks like the one.  The one that won’t make me spend $6000 on a full Pioneer CDJ2000/DJM900 setup (it’s only $1,999 MSRP).  The one that helps me pay for itself by being good enough to sell 2 or 4 of my 6 technic 1200’s. ... Read More »

Hustle Hard!

One of Shrine’s managers was cleaning the office today and found this little “gem,” circa 2009.  Proof that years of hard work and hustle CAN pay off.  I’m not sure if this being found in the office meant Randy actually listened, or…  How deep was ... Read More »