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Happy New Years Everyone!

Hope everyone had an awesome NYE!  We just wanted to thank everyone who supported us in our comeback this past year, and we plan on staying consistent in 2014.   Read More »

Beyonce Provides A Great Example Of What Not To Sample

Yeah, this was a pretty bad idea. Read More »

Not Quite What They Were Expecting

Between Serafin’s holiday remixes and random Youtube vids, it seems like every other post on this site is about “Animals”….and we promise this will be the last one. Read More »


Shout out to our friend Matt Allen for snagging this off Reddit…. Read More »

Jump Smokers – “Don’t Stop The Remix Vol. 2”

Here’s an end of the year mixtape from Jump Smokers featuring all their biggest remixes of 2013.  Flipside and Marquee on the mix! Read More »

I Can’t Lie, This Made Me LOL

For the most part, I’m not too big on discussing the whole opening DJ topic.  It got beaten to death a few years ago, and some people still love to harp on it over and over. Read More »

Brand New Full Length NYE Mix From Dante

Nice mix from our friend Dante to take you into the new year.   Read More »

Here’s FIVE NYE Tools Courtesy Of DJ Phase

DJ Phase, of, sent us these treats to give out.   Read More »

SmithAgentSmith Drops A Dope 2013 Mix

SmithAgentSmith recaps 2013 with this dope mix entitled, “2013:  What Happened?  I Blacked Out”. Read More »

Dude Murders “Tsunami” With An Electric Violin

Borgeous just posted this video on his Facebook.  Can’t describe how dope it is.   Read More »