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In Todays Edition Of “People Don’t Know How To Use The Internet”, Ridiculous Ja Rule Article Comes Out And Everyone Shares It Like It’s Real

The people who use the internet never cease to amaze me.  Reposting the article “Ja Rule Leaves Wife And Kids For Man He Met In Prison”??  Read More »

And Here’s “The United State Of Pop 2013” From DJ Earworm

As expected, DJ Earworm strikes again. Read More »

New Mix From Dante — Barstool Blackout Vol. 5

Our friend Dante is fortunate to have what just might be the sickest gig in the country right now:  Headliner for The Barstool Blackout Tour.   If you’re unfamiliar with what that entails, peep this…. Read More »

Who Knew $50K Could Buy More Than 5 Hours Of Fun?

Little follow up to Monday’s post regarding NYE at LIV.  The blog gave us this gem with some great suggestion on how one’s money might be better spent….. “9 Things To Things To Buy With $50K Instead Of VIP At Liv For Tiesto” . Read More »

Can Gaga Come Back From This?

“Hey DJ, could you please play Lady Gaga – Applause? It’s my friend’s favorite song and it’s her Birthday.” ~ Said No Girl Ever — I saw our own Mo Rada post that on his Facebook yesterday….but it’s the truth isn’t it? Read More »

Brand New “Tsunami” Twerk Remix Courtesy Of SmithAgentSmith

Probably gonna be posting a lot of these twerk mixes so get used to it.  Especially dope ones like this.  Here, SmithAgentSmith gives “Tsunami” the 102 BPM treatment and it comes out amazing. Read More »

DJ = Producer = DJ = Producer (Why This Picture Is Wrong)

Here’s something I’ve wanted to post for a while, but recently Dennis Ciallela of The Scene Kings shared the above pic on his Facebook and it sparked the discussion again. It’s seems most DJs really feel this way…that being a DJ and producer are two separate ... Read More »

That Escalated Quickly

This past weekend, EDM Maniac posted a screen capture of the prices to see Tiesto at LIV Miami on NYE.  Let’s just say the fans on the EDM Maniac facebook page was not so happy. Read More »

Martin Garrix – Animals (Tall Boys Twerk Remix)

Feels like “Animals” is about to reach a level of popularity that very few electro tracks get to.  That means it will eventually get super played out, yet most club-goers will still want to hear it.   Read More »

What A Let Down!

Just read the article “YouTube cancels billions of music industry video views after finding they were fake or ‘dead'” and I was prepared to write a nice little blurb about how record labels are just like DJs.  DJs buy fake twitter followers and labels buy YouTube ... Read More »