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New Music From Sik Duo

By now you should know SikDuo = DJ Riz & Chris Moody.    They’re back with a dope Electro banger that samples the legend Chuck D. Read More »


Second day in a row that we provide you with an article about a recent album flopping.  Yeah Gaga’s ARTPOP didn’t do so well….but it’s funny because Interscope tried to bribe the fuck out of everyone.   Read More »

Aoki Impersonator Is Doing It Wrong!

Yikes!  Not sure that went as planned.   Read More »

And This Is Pretty Much Where I Draw The Line

I actually did play “Gangnam Style” a few times (Obviously the Alvaro Remix).  And if a situation arose where the Fox song was needed, I could see myself throwing on the DJ Kue remix. Read More »

This Should Silence All The Haters

In case you missed it this weekend, Beamz spokesman Grandmaster Jay has returned with another amazing YouTube vid.  This one is pretty much a big “FUCK YOU” to everyone who doubted his skills.   Read More »

Lil Mo ft. Funeral Fab – Superwoman (Mastamonk & Enrie Twerk Remix)

My favorite thing about when a different style of music takes over the club is being able to hear new versions of the classics.   Read More »

Maybe Zimmie Was Onto Something

As some of you know, I’ve been working on a little comeback to our friend Zimmie’s article on the state of DJing.  In the meantime, my friend Apathy put me on to a nice article that should spark some good conversation.   Read More »

Props To Avicii

Ok, so I can see how if you look at the picture you might think this post is gonna be a joke, but it’s really not. Read More »

Welcome To The All New RemixReport!

What’s up everyone.   Just wanted to thank you all for your patience.  I talked things over with JD and we finally decided the direction we wanted to take things.   Read More »