DJ Tip: Don’t Panic!!


This is something I feel pretty strongly about and is a philosophy that I live and die with while spinning in the club: When what you’re doing isn’t working, don’t panic! Here’s what I mean… Read More »

Mastering Tips From Cova n Mo Rada


Cova and I decided to share a few secrets we’ve learned over the years. Give it a watch and feel free to share. Read More »

One Important Thing To Remember When Mixing Twerk….


I’m sure by now, most of you, if not all you have played a twerk set at some point.  For better or worse, I now play more twerk versions of Hip-hop than originals.  I say for better, but that’s a whole other subject.   Read More »



Great quote by our friend Dante on his Facebook yesterday…. Read More »

7 Reasons You Should Upgrade your DJ Laptop with an SSD


 7 Reasons You Should Upgrade your DJ Laptop with an SSD I’m sure all of you have heard about SSD’s vs HDD’s by now but I’m willing to bet only a small minority of you actually use an SSD (or are even aware it’s installed). ... Read More »

Always Change Your Passwords Before A Bad Break Up

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Here’s a story reported by early this weekend… Read More »

How To Fix Your Macbook Power Cord for $10!


If you own a Macbook, you know the frustration that comes as your power adapters cord slowly frays over the course of a year or two.  I usually don’t mind giving Apple my hard earned dollars, but I’ve had to buy one too many $80 ... Read More »

Did Laidback Luke Give DJs The Worst Advice Ever???

Laidback Luke_214_artistImage_jpg_l

I’ve said it before, Laidback Luke is one of my favorite DJs….period.  Super cool dude, and if every DJ were like him, the world would be a much, much better place.  But with that said, he really messed up here. Read More »

Pioneer DDJ-SZ


This looks like the one.  The one that won’t make me spend $6000 on a full Pioneer CDJ2000/DJM900 setup (it’s only $1,999 MSRP).  The one that helps me pay for itself by being good enough to sell 2 or 4 of my 6 technic 1200’s. ... Read More »