#Realdjing = Scratching?

I’m not usually the kind of person to get involved in the “keeping it real” talk.  I’m not afraid to play certain songs in the club that other DJs are too cool for.  Also, I’ll happily admit that I rarely ever use my headphones when ... Read More »

“If You Hate Pitbull You Hate Fun”

Couldn’t have said it better. Just saw this blog from David Portnoy, the owner of Barstool Sports and it’s perfect…. So Pitbull opened the Billboard Music Awards last night with Jlo. Kind of a weird performance because it was basically an ad for the World ... Read More »

Editorial: Why DJing Is A ‘Real Job’ By DJ Skillz

People love to use the term “Real Job” a lot…in a sense, stating what I do as a DJ isn’t an actual job. In their defense, it’s mostly ignorance considering the fact that they only see a small piece of the puzzle. They see the ... Read More »

Yeah Flo-Rida Made His Own Version Of #Selfie….And Of Course The Haters Are Chirping Away

Like many of you, this is something I will refuse to play unless it actually blows up.  And for sure it’s annoying.  He took a song that’s quickly becoming a played out trend and jumped on it Read More »

Some Thoughts On Ultra And Festivals In General

So Ultra Music Festival 2014 is a wrap…and by now it’s been recapped to death.  Some people liked what they heard, some people couldn’t stand it.  Everyone made a huge deal about what Deadmau5 did, even though it’d been done before.   For me however, Read More »

Jamaicans Have Found The Next Evolution of Twerk

This might quite possibly be the most fantastic video you will watch in your short lifetime.   Read More »

I’ve Made An Executive Decision Regarding My Music Library

BREAKING NEWS!  BREAKING NEWS! Ok, this post really isn’t that exciting and probably didn’t deserve a press conference….BUT…..for me, it was a hard decision to make.  Even though it really shouldn’t have been.   Read More »

What is “Old School” in 2014?

One of my regular spots has a room where the format is “Old School.” However my personal interpretation of “Old School” as a DJ with 10yrs of experience is quite different than the owner’s interpretation. Basically, I play the same sets I used to play ... Read More »

So Wait….Bootlegs Are Called Edits Now???

The word “bootleg” has never been clearly defined.  Laidback Luke was adamant that a “bootleg” was any remix (added synths and drums) that wasn’t official (put out by the label)….but we all know very few people used that definition.   Read More »

There Is ONE Reason I Would Respect From A DJ Who Refuses To Play “Timber”

So this past week I heard every bullshit excuse in the book as to why some Open Format DJs won’t play “Timber”… Read More »