316 – Shot Busters (Anthem Kingz Remix)

Check out this classic Anthem Kingz remix of Shot’s. It’s perfect for your halloween parties this week! Check out the Anthem Kings 2012 Halloween mix! Connect With The Anthem Kingz: AUDIO PODCAST Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe via RSS Let us know what ... Read More »

307 – I Want You To Want Me (X-Mind Redrum)

This is one of Jay Spring’s classic remix picks. Great for your rock and weddings sets, you can find this track at Connect with Dj X-Mind: AUDIO PODCAST Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe via RSS Let us know what you think.  Leave a ... Read More »

296 – Party In The U.S.A. (Wideboys Remix)

This weeks Hot Remix is a Dj Jay Spring “sleeper” classic. You wanna get the girls on the dance floor with their hands in the air? Play this track! You wanna raise the energy in your opening set without burning the headliner? Play this track! ... Read More »

Episode 139 – Otherside (Dj Riz Remix) (Classic)

Dj Riz’s “Otherside” remix is one of the most popular mashups of all time. It’s Riz’s #1 selling mashup on and #5 all-time on the site. He took the classic Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song and chopped it up B-more style. It’s definitely representative ... Read More »

Episode 115 – Snap Ya Fingers (Discotech Transition) (Classic)

Transitions are a somewhat new phenomenon in DJing and Discotech was at the forefront with this classic transition.  It was hot when it first came out and still works to this day.  In this episode we talk about why we like to play it in ... Read More »

Episode 104 – It Takes B-more (Classic)

Dj Serafin has more than a few tracks you could consider “classic” in the mashup game, but “It Takes B-more” is by far the most classic of them all.  This track epitomizes the B-more mashup.  As one of the first “It Takes…” remixes, because the ... Read More »

Episode 072 – Blister In The Sun (Discotech Remix)

Today we’re highlighting a classic remix from supergroup, Discotech.  They have solidified themselves as the go to remixers on the site and have capitalized on their success by branching out to do label remixes.  The classic remix we’re talking about today is Discotech’s #4 ... Read More »

Episode 052 – Fallin Tipsy

Today we highlight a classic remix from the early days of Mash-ups.  It’s Mo Rada’s “Fallin Tipsy” and it was one of the first big hits on  One of the first Mash-ups to use the “Tipsy” drums, this song is the perfect choice for ... Read More »

Episode 030 – Lil Jon Gets Warped

As we start our week at WMC in Miami we talk about a classic house remix done by Dj Nova. Remixer/Location: Dj Nova/Orlando Song: Lil Jon Gets Warped BPM/Key: 130/A-flat Minor Where to find it: Let us know what your playing.  Leave a comment or ... Read More »

Episode 021 – Sex On Fire (Richard Sharkey & Peter Sar Remix)

Today we highlight remixes of: About this remix: Song: Kings of Leon – Sex On Fire (Richard Sharkey & Peter Sar Remix) BPM/Key: 128/E Major Where to find it:, Remixers websites:, Let us know what you think at Read More »