Weekend Recap – Grammy Time! (Psy…)

This week left us with no shortage of juicy topics to talk about. From Al Walser’s Grammy nomination to Psy’s past protest lyrics, people and DJ’s are up in arms. So what do WE think about all this? Enferno Clique Live Remix LINKS: Shut Up ... Read More »

BRAND NEW!!! Shut Up & Talk with the Rock-it! Scientists!

We are extremely excited to welcome back the Mighty Rock-it! Scientists as regular contributors to Remix Report! Solarz and Guzie have just started doing their new audio only podcast called “Shut Up & Talk.” You’ll be able to find it here every Tuesday as well ... Read More »

325 – Fun 90’s Pop Set

Taken directly from Dj JD’s playlist last weekend, this is a fun 90’s, and we found out, some late 80’s too… Pop set. Some of these songs are pretty jokey, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fun to play and it certainly doesn’t mean people ... Read More »

324 – Die Young (Mike Gloria Remix)

The newest hit from Jay Spring’s favorite female artist is a big hit, with girls singing along every time it’s played. Although the original holds it’s own fairly well, our friend Mike Gloria came hard with the “Must Play” remix, certain to get a LOT ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – You’re In My Space! Read More »

323 – Pop That (Playlist)

Dj Jay Spring’s Example: Mad Dash (Bingo Players Edit) Pop That (Bonics Transition) Birthday Song Dj JD’s Example: Bands A Make Her Dance (Bonics Rebands Remix) Pop That (Dj Big O Remix) Pop That (Dj Primetyme & Dj Ever Build-Up Remix) Amen Toulouse (Valid Trap ... Read More »

322 – Million Voices vs. Apologize (Thomas Gold Bootleg)

322 – Million Voices vs. Apologize (Thomas Gold Bootleg) from Remix Report on Vimeo. Thomas Gold is one of the must watch house DJ’s this year and this bootleg is an example of why. His creative transposition of the “Apologize” vocal into “Million Voices” is ... Read More »

321 – Some Nights (Scene Kings Remix)

321 – Some Nights (Scene Kings Remix) from Remix Report on Vimeo. We’ve got a Fun one for you today! It’s the new Scene Kings remix of “Some Night,” by none other than Fun. This is a very popular track that has been difficult to ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – Genre Specific Nights

Weekend Recap – Genre Specific Nights from Remix Report on Vimeo. We answer some of your questions in our in-depth discussion on how to prepare for a genre specific club/bar nights, such as Rock or Reggae. We also touch on some DJ news and talk ... Read More »

320 – Sweet Nothing (Playlist)

320 – Sweet Nothing (Playlist) from Remix Report on Vimeo. Calvin Harris teamed up with the lead singer of Florence and the Machine for this new house hit. There’s definitely crossover appeal with this track. Here’s how we work it into our sets. Dj JD’s ... Read More »