313 – Lights (Playlist)

It’s hard to believe that Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” has been out for 2 years already. It just recently went mainstream this past summer after spending over a year in the underground and Dubstep scenes. Here’s how we’ve worked this song into our sets. Dj JD’s ... Read More »

312 – Let’s Go (Digital Dave Disco Fix)

Looking for a chill, loungy mix of this Ne-yo & Calvin Harris hit? Digital Dave got this mix right be blending the vocals with a Nu Disco track by Volta Bureau. Dope! Connect With Digital Dave AUDIO PODCAST Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – 5001 Friends!

Great discussions today about played out songs like “We No Speak Americano,” Ultra Music Festival being extended to 2 weekends, Spamming on Facebook and we ask, “where do ‘normal’ people get their music from?” LINKS: Four Color Zach Wins Redbull Championship Ultra Music Festival Extended ... Read More »

Video Report 16: Atlantic City 2012 DJ EXPO Pt. 2

Atlantic City 2012 DJEXPO Part2 from Joshua Carl on Vimeo. Video Report hits the road. This time we are down in Atlantic City for the 2012 DJ Times DJEXPO. As you will see in the video, thanks to Promo Only we were able to interview ... Read More »

Weekend Recap With Cova & Mo Rada – House Production Tips

Weekend Recap With Cova & Mo Rada – House Production Tips from Remix Report on Vimeo. We’re joined by the dynamic production duo of Dj Cova and Mo Rada to discuss all this weeks hot topics. We also dive into their production techniques and debut ... Read More »

311 – Snap Your Fingers (Candyland Remix)

Candyland have made a name for themselves over the last year, release one dope Dubstep remix after another. We’ve mentioned a few on past episodes and today have decided to dedicate a full episode to their “Snap Your Fingers” remix. This track is less Dubstep ... Read More »

310 – Dj Costa Playlist

We’ve got a special treat for you today! A guest playlist from our friend Dj Costa from Beantown (Boston). This is an updated 90’s dance playist. Dj Costa’s Example: Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer (Armin Van Helden) Daft Punk – One More Time (Dj ... Read More »

309 – Sexy And I Know It (Chris James Gangnam Style Blend)

This week is JD’s pick. It’s partly just to piss off Jay Spring and partly because it’s a well executed blend that includes 2 of the jokiest songs in recent memory. Looking to add a fun mashup to your set? Try this one out! Connect ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – Talking With J Farell

We got one of our favorite up-and-coming producers on the line for today’s recap. We discuss what it’s like to be a full time producer, how trap music has evolved and if Jay Spring should be playing “Gangnam Style”. Don’t miss it! J Farell Tutorial ... Read More »

308 – Birthday Song (Playlist)

308 – Birthday Song (Playlist) from Remix Report on Vimeo. Every year there’s at least one new “Birthday” related track that’s released and received well in the clubs. This year we’ve had a few, but today we’re showing you how we play 2 Chainz “Birthday ... Read More »