Episode 269 – Part of Me (Skeet Skeet Remix)

Katy Perry’s newest single has been getting decent radio play and is a favorite for the ladies. Luckily Skeet Skeet made this house remix for us DJ’s! Check out Skeet Skeet on Soundcloud. PODCAST SUBSCRIBE to the podcast on iTunes to get the audio only ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – Hot Equipment, New Hits & Promoting Online

We’re back with another recap of the weeks hottest DJ topics. What’s the most popular equipment to use? What are the next batch of top 40 hits? How should you promote your remixes online? Find out in today’s recap! Topic of the Week results: Turntables ... Read More »

Topic Of The Week: What’s Your Weapon Of Choice??

TOTW is back!  We wanna know what you’re using to rock your gigs?  As always, we’ll discuss this on next week’s Weekend Recap. Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool. Read More »

Video Report – Episode 9: CFLO Interview

Well, here we are at Episode 9! We told you in the episode 4 we have interviews coming, well here it is… The CFLO interview is full of good info on a well sought out video DJ/VJ. In the interview Eloy picks CFLO’s brain for ... Read More »

Episode 268 – Somebody That I Used To Know (Playlist)

This track has a million remixes and is getting a lot of play. Here’s how we’ve been working it in. Dj Jay Spring’s Example: Glad You Came (Krunk Remix) Somebody That I Used To Know (Dj Kurch Bootleg) Feel So Close (Audiobot Bootleg) Dj JD’s ... Read More »

Episode 267 – ABC (A. Skillz Remix)

This is one of the many Jackson 5 classics and may be considered the 2nd most popular track behind “I Want You Back.” That said, there have been very few playable remixes of ABC in the last few years, so A. Skillz remix is much ... Read More »

Episode 266 – Work Out (Playlist)

Here’s how we’ve been working J. Cole’s smash into our sets. Dj JD’s Example: This Is How We Do It This Is How We Work Out (Dj Scooter Remix) Buzzin (Victor Menegaux Short Edit) Dj Jay Spring’s Example: The Motto Work Out (Smash Mode Remix) ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – WMC, Madonna, Afrojack & Requests

In today’s recap we talk about why we were away last week, JD’s upcoming show with Afrojack, WMC/Ultra Music Festival, Madonna’s ecstasy comment, more about requests…, and ending the night with hip-hop (can you do it anymore?). PODCAST SUBSCRIBE to the podcast on iTunes to ... Read More »

Episode 265 – Stay Fly (Candyland Dubstep Remix)

“Stay Fly” has one of the most used acapella loops in recent memory, rivaling the use of the “Hollaback Girl” drums. Now, Candyland has dropped this amazing dubstep version which is a great transition track between your hip-hop and dubstep sets. Like most dubstep, your ... Read More »

Video Report – Episode 8: Primary Instinct Interview

Here we go! We are back in with our second interview. This time Joshua braves the snowy roads in upstate vermont and almost dies on the way! Get the inside scoop on Crooklyn Clan Veteran Video guru DJ Primary Insticnt! A free video, no… Primary ... Read More »