Episode 103 – Brass Knuckles Interview

Over the summer Brass Knuckles made a quick rise to the top of the club remix game putting out useful electro house versions of the hottest songs.  We caught up with the Brass Knuckles team to dive into their creative process and see what we ... Read More »

Episode 102 – Oldschool Hiphop

For a lot of us the tracks listed below bring back great memories of our teenage years.  These will live forever as some of the best songs of our lifetime.  The Golden Era of Hip-hop.  The True School.  They also happen to still rock the ... Read More »

Episode 101 – Teenage Dream (Liam Keegan Remix)

Katy Perry did it again with “Teenage Dream,” but it’s impossible to play the original in a club setting.  After playing the Liam Keegan remix over the last few weeks I can honestly say that it kills in the club.  The long mellow verse pays ... Read More »

Episode 100 – Mailbag

Today we celebrate our 100th episode!!  And we thought the best thing to do would be to answer your questions.  We wouldn’t be here without you after all.  We’ve received a lot of questions from you and are trying to get caught up answering them ... Read More »

Episode 099 – Tricky Choruses (Party Starters)

Today we continue the Tricky Choruses series with some classic hip-hop party starters. Bring Em Out – T.I. 1st & 2nd Choruses – 4 bars 3rd & 4th Chorus – 8 bars Pump It Up – Joe Budden 1st Chorus – 6 bars 2nd Chorus ... Read More »

Episode 098 – F*ck You (Brass Knuckles Remix)

If you haven’t heard of them yet, Brass Knuckles are getting off to a strong start.  Although new to the remix scene, this crew has positioned themselves as the next big name in uptempo club remixes.  They have the best remix of Cee-lo’s hit “Fuck ... Read More »

Episode 097 – Anthem Kingz Interview + Q&A

Another big interview today!  This time, we had the pleasure of chatting with our friends from up north – DJ Alex K and DJ Bosa of The Anthem Kingz.   This happened to be the perfect time for this interview, as The Kingz recently cracked ... Read More »

Episode 096 – Tricky Choruses (Current Hits)

Since we started our Tricky Counts series we’ve gotten a few requests for counts of particular songs.  We’ve included those as well as a couple other current hits that we’re sure you’re all playing. Love The Way You Lie – Eminem Ft. Rihanna Intro Chorus ... Read More »

Episode 095 – Basket Case (Rock-it! Scientists Synthrock Remix)

Dj Guzie & Dj Solarz do it again with this current #1 track.  Not sure where they found the acapella for this classic Green Day track, but they got it and added some hard electro riffs underneath to give it a current sound.  Thankfully ... Read More »

Episode 094 – Mashup Mafia Interview

Today we get down to business with the #9 all-time selling remixers on  Stay tuned to see how the group formed, what it’s like to do a weekly 3 hour radio show & get schooled on classic audio gear. Find Mashup Mafia online: ... Read More »