Episode 093 – Tricky Choruses (10 Bar choruses)

Continuing our tricky counts series, today we’re highlighting songs with 10 bar choruses.  To mix these songs correctly you have to hold off mixing your next 8 bar intro for 2 bars into the chorus.  These are some examples.  See if you can mix them ... Read More »

Episode 092 – Stereo Love (The Remixes)

Stereo Love has been a summer smash in the clubs and there are lot of great versions to play. These are some of our favorites. Original: Stereo Love – Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina Stereo Love (Mark Pride 2010 Remix) Stereo Love (Spryte Bass & ... Read More »

Episode 091 – Tricky Choruses 1 (Reggae)

Last week we started our tricky choruses series with a tutorial on counting beats and bars as a way to get us all on the same page.  Hopefully that tutorial will help as a reference throughout this series.  Today we’re highlighting 3 reggae tracks that ... Read More »

Episode 090 – Love The Way You Lie (Dj Scooter Remix)

Scooter has done it again with an original production of Eminem & Rihanna’s hit, “Love The Way You Lie.”  He said it took him 3 weeks to get a final version with all the traveling he’s been doing.  This track has a great electro/trance feel ... Read More »

Weekend Recap

First of all, let me show you my new promo video that my friend Bryan Spinelli shot and edited for me. You can find him at This is the first high quality video I have that highlights myself and I’m amped about it. Next ... Read More »

Episode 089 – Mr. White Interview

Mr. White, formerly of The Unknown, is about to launch his solo venture on  We caught up with him to see what we can expect from him as a solo artist.  We also tackled the art of mastering and compression.  In fact, Mr. White ... Read More »

Episode 088 – Intro to Beats & Bars

Today’s episode is a primer course, a 101 if you will, for our upcoming “Tricky Counts” series.  This episode lays the groundwork for how to properly count beats and bars so that everyone can be on the same page when we dive into talking about ... Read More »

Episode 087 – Dynamite (Anthem Kings Surprise Remix)

The Anthem Kingz have been on a roll lately, constantly putting out club bangers and quickly becoming the go-to remixers on  This time they took Taio Cruz’s smash “Dynamite” and blended it with an nice instrumental version of “Don’t Stop Believing.”  It works best ... Read More »

Weekend Recap

Yes, this was another busy weekend — I did the usual Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  However, the real work was put in at my place on my computer.  All four of the major remix sites are currently having big sales, which lead to JD and I performing ... Read More »

Episode 086 – The Unknown Interview 2

The Unknown is known for putting out clean, creative and useable remixes of classic tracks as well as some you haven’t heard in quite a while.  We caught up with Mr. Black to find out how things have been going since the transition from to ... Read More »