Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap – Mix Masters

We’re back with a new VIDEO! Let us know what you think.  Leave a comment or email us at remixreport@gmail.com Read More »

Weekend Recap – Another Week In Paradise

It’s another week of great Dj topics like the validity of the DMC battle vs. Redbull Threestyle and the new movement of bouncy house drops. Not any links this week, but plenty of great discussion. Take a listen. Audio only again this week. AUDIO PODCAST ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – That’s a Complex Beat

We’re back with more interesting DJ topics to chat about. This episode is AUDIO ONLY, so take a listen by pressing the play button and visit the topic links below. Don’t forget to donate to the 5000 DJ’s $100K cause. Find out more info and ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – Trapped in Harlem

LISTEN HERE: We return with an audio only version of the Weekend Recap.  Don’t be shy… Let us know what you think. Today we dive into the Harlem shake phenomenon and also talk about some very average house production.  What is the state of House, ... Read More »

Weekend Recap: Run The Trap Track

Ok…..we’re back to the written recaps….at least for the time being.  For those of you who didn’t see our last video recap, we mentioned how tough it’s been to find time to do the vids — so here we are at the keyboards again.  I’m ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – End of an Era?

In what may be our final video recap, at least for a while, we catch up on everything that’s happened so far in 2013 including new announcements from NAMM! Let us know how you like to consume Remix Report. Do you listen to the podcast? ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – Sealed With A Kiss!

It’s our first recap of 2013! We talk about our NYE gigs and all the news of the past 2 weeks. We also answer some of your questions. LINKS: Band Releases Single On Ice! Skrillex Releases New EP “Leaving” LMFAO Releases Solo Singles (RedFoo, Sky ... Read More »

2012 Recap: Remix Report Year In Review

Gonna keep it real short this time, instead of the usual “2012 was great but we plan on making 2013 better!”.  (Even though that is actually how we feel :) )  Looking back, one thing we can say about 2012 is that we regret not ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – Is That Your Name On My Remix?

We ponder the ethical questions surrounding bootlegs and much more! LINKS: Die Young Struggles On The Charts Mansion Apologizes to Dj Shadow 10 Hiddedn Serato Itch Tricks Mixed In Key 5.5 Calvin Harris Goes Platinum Ingrosso On Dj Sneak Promo Push AUDIO PODCAST Subscribe on ... Read More »

330 – Solidisco (Interview)

After talking with a lot of DJ’s, I’ve found that Disco House is one of our favorite genres. It’s feel good, relaxing and sets the right tone for the night. Over the past year and a half, Solidisco have really set themselves apart, releasing a ... Read More »