Tricky Counts

Episode 099 – Tricky Choruses (Party Starters)

Today we continue the Tricky Choruses series with some classic hip-hop party starters. Bring Em Out – T.I. 1st & 2nd Choruses – 4 bars 3rd & 4th Chorus – 8 bars Pump It Up – Joe Budden 1st Chorus – 6 bars 2nd Chorus ... Read More »

Episode 096 – Tricky Choruses (Current Hits)

Since we started our Tricky Counts series we’ve gotten a few requests for counts of particular songs.  We’ve included those as well as a couple other current hits that we’re sure you’re all playing. Love The Way You Lie – Eminem Ft. Rihanna Intro Chorus ... Read More »

Episode 093 – Tricky Choruses (10 Bar choruses)

Continuing our tricky counts series, today we’re highlighting songs with 10 bar choruses.  To mix these songs correctly you have to hold off mixing your next 8 bar intro for 2 bars into the chorus.  These are some examples.  See if you can mix them ... Read More »

Episode 091 – Tricky Choruses 1 (Reggae)

Last week we started our tricky choruses series with a tutorial on counting beats and bars as a way to get us all on the same page.  Hopefully that tutorial will help as a reference throughout this series.  Today we’re highlighting 3 reggae tracks that ... Read More »