Edit Edition – JD’s Acapella Outs

For my birthday, as a present to YOU, I thought I give you a few of my favorite acapella outro edits that I’ve done over the years.  These are 4 of the ones I use the most and I’m sure you’ll find them useful in ... Read More »

Episode 050 – Outta Your Mind

Lil Jon has been a staple in club music for a long time now, but he’s still reaching out to the people that can help his music most.  The DJs!  Recently he has been doing custom drops for free along with regional versions of his ... Read More »

Under Pressure

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be brought down to Pittsburgh to play at S Bar with the homes Dj Zimmie & Dj Nugget for www.TheSwitchPittsburgh.com.  I ended up playing for a room full of DJ’s, and it got me thinking, do we ... Read More »

Episode 049 – Alejandro (Dj Skillz Remix)

Today we highlight our favorite remix of Lady Gaga’s new single “Alejandro.”  The original is 99 BPM and lacks a lot of energy.  Skillz worked his magic and made this a 120 BPM banger! Song: Alejandro (DJ Skillz Remix) Remixer: Dj Skillz BPM/Key: 120/B Minor ... Read More »

Episode 048 – Dj 2nd Nature Interview

Today we have a chat with one of the hottest video DJ’s in the world!  He was one of the first to dive into the DVDJ scene and continues to show everyone else why he’s at the top of the heap.  It’s well deserved.  2nd ... Read More »

Edit Thursday:: Dj 2nd Nature

Today we bring you a remix by video DJ and Crooklyn Clan remixer, Dj 2nd Nature.  He was there when mashups first became popular and as you’ll see in our interview tomorrow, he’ll be around for many years to come.  2nd Nature’s resume is HUGE ... Read More »

Edit Edition Bonus: DJ Digital Dave

On Monday, we highlighted some dope remixes of Usher’s “OMG”.  One of them was Digital Dave’s “Ludafix”.  As Dave explains, “I was listening to the track one day and literally expecting Luda to start rappin.  He did not, so I said hold up, wait a minute, let me ... Read More »

Episode 047 – Push It (Playlist)

Today we dig into our own crates and give you examples of how we mix in and out of Salt N Pepa’s classic song “Push It.”  This is a guaranteed hit at any club! Let us know how you play “Push It”.  Leave a comment ... Read More »

Editorial: Are DJs Important??

People always ask JD and I what inspired us to start this site.  The answer is pretty simple.  We take DJing very seriously, and we noticed that there are many others out there just like us.  DJs who spend all their time spinning, or thinking ... Read More »

Episode 046 – OMG (The Remixes)

Today we highlight some hot remixes of Usher’s new track “OMG.”  Lots of remixes are coming out and a lot of DJ’s think it’s going to be a huge hit.  Time will tell, but in the meantime, check these out! Song: OMG (Peak-Hour Overhaul Remix) ... Read More »