Counterpoint: Why Open Format DJs Should Be Playing “Timber” (Written By Jay Spring)

There are some DJs  who can play whatever the fuck they want.  And most of them have earned that right.  I’m talking about the guys who play festivals.  The guys, who when they play, perform in front of a concert-like atmosphere.   Read More »

Point: Why This DJ Doesn’t Play “Timber” (Written By Digital Dave)

Why You Don’t Need To Play Timber For “IT” To Go Down Read More »

ETC!ETC! & Snails – RUBBR (Free Download)

ETC!ETC! is just on a massive roll right now.  This is his latest…a trap MONSTER, produced along with Snails, entitled “RUBBR”.  I promise, you aren’t gonna be expecting this drop.   Read More »

Shots fired! Shots fired!

I promise, I don’t have anything personal against Spinnin’ Records.  But they are really are one of the leaders in promoting the whole “Epic Mashleg” sound. Read More »

Is There Anything Better Than The Internet?

Shout out to Al Gore!  Vids like this never get old. Read More »

Migos – Dope In My Sock (AC Slater Remix) (Free Download)

Filthy bass remix here by AC Slater.  He’s been playing this out in his sets for a while, and now you can download it from his SoundCloud below.  Just a dope mix all around. Read More »

JayCeeOh, Compose, & Kowai Kowai – Pick It Up (Choice Is Yours) (Free Download)

Brand new twerk/trap remix of Black Sheep’s all time classic “The Choice Is Yours” courtesy of JayCeeOh, Compose, & Kowai Kowai.  This one bangs for sure! Read More »

Is This The Next Dougie/Wobble/Thun Thun??

The song is “Drop That #NaeNae” by We Are Toonz…..and the answer, unfortunately, appears to be YES. Read More »

HeRobust & Two Fresh – Throw That (Styles & Complete Remix) (Free Download)

Brand new Trap heat from Styles & Complete.  Here’s their take on the heRobust & Two Fresh tune, “Throw That”, and it’s a BANGER! Read More »

Cratesz & G-Buck – Rebel (Free Download)

Sick new tune courtesy of Cratesz & G-Buck.  Starts off at House and ends up getting Trapped out. Super-engergetic and fresh! Read More »