Weekend Recap

Gonna get right to the point and keep this short since my last one was on the longer side: *Gotta give a big shoutout to The Rock-It! Scientists!!  Had a lot of fun doing the interview with them last week as well as our friendly ... Read More »

Episode 117 – The Report

Remix Report has been taken over!  Who knows what’s going on!!  Watch to find out!! Dj Jay Spring: www.facebook.com/jayspringfans, www.twitter.com/djjayspring Dj JD: www.facebook.com/therealdjjd, www.twitter.com/therealdjjd (Big thanks to Dj Guzie & Dj Solarz aka the Rockit! Scientists!) We’d like to hear form you. Register and leave ... Read More »

Edit Edition + Weekend Weapon

Once again, our Edit Edition is gonna feature an edit from Spring‘s “Fall Mix 2010” double cd (Download HERE) We’ve had a few requests for the Drake transition from the beginning of Disc 1, so here it is….  Spring took DJ Jewelz break (which we ... Read More »

Episode 116 – Say Aah (Playlist)

Say Aah continues to rock the crowds, so we thought we’d break down some of the way we fit it into our sets.  Let us know how you play it! We’d like to hear form you. Register and leave a comment or email us at ... Read More »

Episode 115 – Snap Ya Fingers (Discotech Transition) (Classic)

Transitions are a somewhat new phenomenon in DJing and Discotech was at the forefront with this classic transition.  It was hot when it first came out and still works to this day.  In this episode we talk about why we like to play it in ... Read More »

Weekend Recap

I gotta say, this weekend was extra fun!!  One of those weekends, where I remember just how fortunate JD and I are to be involved with a sick casino.   On Friday, the crowd was just awesome.  It actually wasn’t a really big crowd, but ... Read More »

Edit Edition + Weekend Weapon!!

As we promised on Wednesday, here’s a few edits from Spring‘s new Fall Mix 2010.  It’s a double cd, which can be downloaded at: www.beezo.net/djs/djjayspring In Wednesday’s episode, we discussed how we drop DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win”, and Spring mentioned his edit ... Read More »

Episode 114 – Mailbag

Questions: – What is the best way to mix songs with off beat snares? – Do resident Dj’s at clubs still exist or have promoters taken over? – What are some good edit’s/remixes of “Sweet Caroline”? – How do you get drops from artists as ... Read More »

Episode 113 – All I Do Is Win (Playlist)

All I Do Is Win is one of the best club Hip-Hop songs to come out in the last year and is still a crowd favorite.  In this episode we go over some of the ways we mix in and out of it in our ... Read More »

Episode 112 – We R Who We R (Remixes)

“We R Who We R” is the lead single off Kesha’s 2nd album and is on track to be one of the biggest Pop songs of the winter. CrooklynClan.net Dj Scooter – We R Who We R (Mainstrem Club Banger) www.crooklynclan.net/djscooter Dj Deville – We ... Read More »