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Remix Report Tips

Jay Spring’s Tip Avoid warping in Ableton if you don’t have to.  I saw our friend Victor Menegaux of BarBangerz.com write something on Facebook a month or two ago, basically yelling at DJs for ruining the quality of songs by warping in Ableton.  It definitely ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – DJ > Beatmatching

As we buckle down for Hurricane Sandy, we come together to discuss this weeks pressing DJ news. LINKS: Gangnam Style Attack Master Of The Mix Season 3 Ableton 9 & Push Controller Sander Van Doorn Joins Roc Nation Serato Face Halloween Tracks (DMS) Are You ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – Taxes, Projector Mapping & The Future of Remix Report

We discuss projector mapping, tax time, new features in Abelton, big concert promoters getting arrested and what’s in store for the future of Remix Report. Check out some of these stories, originally seen on the Dj Times email blast. Projector Mapping @ Shrine PODCAST SUBSCRIBE ... Read More »

Dj Joey C’s Bridge Setup

Last week we posted a video from our friend Joey C of the Mashup Mafia demonstrating his use of The Bridge.  After watching the video a lot of us wanted to take a look behind the scenes and see how he set everything up, so ... Read More »