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Weekend Recap – That’s a Complex Beat

We’re back with more interesting DJ topics to chat about. This episode is AUDIO ONLY, so take a listen by pressing the play button and visit the topic links below. Don’t forget to donate to the 5000 DJ’s $100K cause. Find out more info and ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – End of an Era?

In what may be our final video recap, at least for a while, we catch up on everything that’s happened so far in 2013 including new announcements from NAMM! Let us know how you like to consume Remix Report. Do you listen to the podcast? ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – Genre Specific Nights

Weekend Recap – Genre Specific Nights from Remix Report on Vimeo. We answer some of your questions in our in-depth discussion on how to prepare for a genre specific club/bar nights, such as Rock or Reggae. We also touch on some DJ news and talk ... Read More »

Episode 032 – Dj Supersede Interview

While we were in Miami we got to talk with a lot of great DJ’s and remixers including Miami Ski Team’s own Dj Supersede.  Along with Nick Morrison he creates some of the freshest house remixes coming out of South Florida today.  You can find ... Read More »