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Episode 073 – It’s Tricky Playlist

Run DMC’s classic “It’s Tricky” is a dance floor killer and is a great transition track to get to and from a rock or oldschool set.  Here’s some examples of how we mix in and out of it. AUDIO ONLY DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?yw51zynhjeeygyu Direct Video Link: ... Read More »

Episode 072 – Blister In The Sun (Discotech Remix)

Today we’re highlighting a classic remix from Crooklynclan.net supergroup, Discotech.  They have solidified themselves as the go to remixers on the site and have capitalized on their success by branching out to do label remixes.  The classic remix we’re talking about today is Discotech’s #4 ... Read More »

Episode 047 – Push It (Playlist)

Today we dig into our own crates and give you examples of how we mix in and out of Salt N Pepa’s classic song “Push It.”  This is a guaranteed hit at any club! Let us know how you play “Push It”.  Leave a comment ... Read More »

Episode 021 – Sex On Fire (Richard Sharkey & Peter Sar Remix)

Today we highlight remixes of: About this remix: Song: Kings of Leon – Sex On Fire (Richard Sharkey & Peter Sar Remix) BPM/Key: 128/E Major Where to find it: www.directmusicservice.com, www.djcity.com Remixers websites: myspace.com/djrichardsharkey, myspace.com/petersarmusic Let us know what you think at remixreport@gmail.com Read More »

Episode 0012 – Show Me Love In Da Club (Hollaboyz Remix)

Today we highlight a classic remix: Show Me Love In Da Club (Holla Boyz Remix) About this remix: Remixer/Location: Holla boyz (Dj Vice & Dj Echo)/LA Song: Show Me Love In Da Club (Hollaboyz Remix) BPM/Key: 92/D-flat Minor Where to find it: www.crooklynclan.net/thehollaboyz Big party ... Read More »

Relive the past

Last weekend I was getting ready for the club and thinking I really wanted to play some new music. Not much different than gearing up for any weekend. But I couldn’t seem to find anything new in the usual places. Plus, I wanted the “new” ... Read More »