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309 – Sexy And I Know It (Chris James Gangnam Style Blend)

This week is JD’s pick. It’s partly just to piss off Jay Spring and partly because it’s a well executed blend that includes 2 of the jokiest songs in recent memory. Looking to add a fun mashup to your set? Try this one out! Connect ... Read More »

Episode 089 – Mr. White Interview

Mr. White, formerly of The Unknown, is about to launch his solo venture on Crack4djs.net.  We caught up with him to see what we can expect from him as a solo artist.  We also tackled the art of mastering and compression.  In fact, Mr. White ... Read More »

Episode 075 – California Gurls (The Remixes)

There are seriously a million remixes of Katy Perry’s newest hit, “California Gurls.”  We’ve sifted through a lot to give you this list.  We’ve tried to highlight some of the best.  there were a lot of OK remixes out there, but we felt these were ... Read More »

Episode 024 – Carry Out (The Remixes)

Today we highlight a bunch of dope remixes of Timbaland’s “Carry Out.”  There’s a lot, so we separated them into groups to help you pick which ones work best for you. Mashups Remixer: Dj Super Scott Song: Carry Out Next Episode BPM/Key: 99 BPM/E-Flat Minor ... Read More »

Episode 015 – Empire State of Mind Pt. II (The Remixes)

Today we highlight remixes of: Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind Pt. II About this remix: Song: Empire State of Mind (Part II) (Julien Creance Remix) BPM/Key: 128/E-flat Minor Where to find it: www.djcity.com/digital Song: Empire State of Mind Part II (Big Room Blend ... Read More »

Episode 008 – Disco Fries Interview

In today’s episode we get down to business and ask our friends the Disco Fries how they got into the game.  These guys are doing BIG things.  They already have a platinum record!!  See what’s coming from them next. If you have questions for the ... Read More »

Bootleg Rage

If you haven’t heard, last night was epic in the crooklynclan/crack4djs twitter community.  There was a very entertaining  conversation started by Alex Rage (follow him @alexrage  and read his timeline to catch up) calling out people whom he felt were taking more credit than they ... Read More »

Episode 005 – The Unknown Interview

Today we interview this months #1 selling duo on Crack4Djs.net, The Unknown.  Who the heck are these guys?  What do they look like?  Where are they from?  These questions and more might not be answered, but we promise others will.  If you have questions for ... Read More »