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Video Report V2.0 Episode 4 [SMACK talking]

This week Eloy and Joshua Are back and have some news on new Mixers, Serato DJ, Cinq and a few other gems… But honestly, you need to see the SMACKCAM in this episode… The boys have cut down episode time quite a bit, so its ... Read More »

Episode 141 – Dj Riz Interview

Last weekend we had the opportunity to sit down with Dj Riz, 1/2 of Crooklyn Clan and co-founder of Crooklynclan.net. Along with Dj Sizzahands, Riz created the most recognizable party breaks and club records and was a driving force behind the AV8 Record label. In ... Read More »

Episode 140 – Crooklyn Clan – Ladyz (Playlist)

“Ladyz” is one of Dj Riz’s most well known remixes from the party break heyday. It’s named appropriately… Every time you drop this you are guaranteed to hear ladies scream. Today we discuss the ways we fit this classic into our sets. You can find ... Read More »

Episode 139 – Otherside (Dj Riz Remix) (Classic)

Dj Riz’s “Otherside” remix is one of the most popular mashups of all time. It’s Riz’s #1 selling mashup on Crooklynclan.net and #5 all-time on the site. He took the classic Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song and chopped it up B-more style. It’s definitely representative ... Read More »

Episode 137 -6 Foot, 7 Foot (Max Methods Transition)

Lil Wayne is out of jail and back to flooding the market with tracks. Is “6 Foot, 7 Foot” the next “A Milli”? With Max Methods help, maybe it will be. This transition follows the original sample as it morphs into the “6 Foot, 7 ... Read More »

Episode 097 – Anthem Kingz Interview + Q&A

Another big interview today!  This time, we had the pleasure of chatting with our friends from up north – DJ Alex K and DJ Bosa of The Anthem Kingz.   This happened to be the perfect time for this interview, as The Kingz recently cracked ... Read More »

Episode 056 – Dj Risk One Interview

Today we talk with Seatles Dj Risk One about his Remixes on Crooklynclan.net and his recent move to San Francisco.  What does it take for an established DJ to move city’s?  You can find out here! www.djriskone.com www.crooklynclan.net/riskone www.directmusicservice.com Leave a comment or email us ... Read More »

Episode 052 – Fallin Tipsy

Today we highlight a classic remix from the early days of Mash-ups.  It’s Mo Rada’s “Fallin Tipsy” and it was one of the first big hits on crooklynclan.net.  One of the first Mash-ups to use the “Tipsy” drums, this song is the perfect choice for ... Read More »

Episode 049 – Alejandro (Dj Skillz Remix)

Today we highlight our favorite remix of Lady Gaga’s new single “Alejandro.”  The original is 99 BPM and lacks a lot of energy.  Skillz worked his magic and made this a 120 BPM banger! Song: Alejandro (DJ Skillz Remix) Remixer: Dj Skillz BPM/Key: 120/B Minor ... Read More »

Episode 039 – Dj Manik (Projekt Junkiez) Interview

Today we talk to 1/2 of the Projekt Junkiez duo, Dj Manik.  Along with Dj Jewelz they have become one of the hottest remixing teams on Crooklyn Clan.  They bring tons of creativity and original production and their hard work has paid off.  Hear what ... Read More »