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280 – Never Scared to Kick the Motherf#cker

Dj Deville hits us again with a primetime banger. Blending Bone Crusher’s “Never Scared” and Dada Life’s “Kick Out The Epic Motherf#cker,” this bootleg has an aggressive vibe that will get the dance floor pumping their fists. You can find Dj Deville online at: www.djdeville.com ... Read More »

276 – It’s My Violence (Dj’s From Mars Bootleg)

DJ’s From Mars are some of our favorite mashup producers out right now, and for good reason. Everything they put out it on point. Not just simple mashups, but mashups with production to take it to the next level. They just released a bootleg pack ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – DMS, Pete Tong, Dj Sneak & DJ’s Faking It!

Lot’s of thought provoking topics today including Pete Tong sounding off on Big Businesses influence on House music and DJ Sneak’s twitter beef with Steve Angello. Find out how many viewers are “Faking It” and make sure you check out the new blog from DMS. ... Read More »

Episode 127 – Unleash The F*#king Posner (Diggz Banger)

Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go” is a smash hit, but like many popular songs, it’s just not playable during primetime.  It’s just too mellow.  Luckily Danny Diggz made this sick remix by blending it with Dada Life’s “Unleash The Fucking Dada” and it works great! ... Read More »