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325 – Fun 90’s Pop Set

Taken directly from Dj JD’s playlist last weekend, this is a fun 90’s, and we found out, some late 80’s too… Pop set. Some of these songs are pretty jokey, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fun to play and it certainly doesn’t mean people ... Read More »

310 – Dj Costa Playlist

We’ve got a special treat for you today! A guest playlist from our friend Dj Costa from Beantown (Boston). This is an updated 90’s dance playist. Dj Costa’s Example: Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer (Armin Van Helden) Daft Punk – One More Time (Dj ... Read More »

EDM Snob Interview

The EDM Snob broke into the blogosphere with the release of some interesting touring DJ riders and has continued to provide thought provoking commentary on his blog www.edmsnob.com. Last week we got a chance to speak with the snob about his thoughts on the current ... Read More »

Episode 260 – Dance (Ass) (Playlist)

Dj JD’s Example: Look At Me Now Dance (Dj Deville Hip Hop To House Banger Transition 80-128 BPM) Dj Jay Spring’s Example: Go DJ Dance (Ass) Birthday Cake PODCAST SUBSCRIBE to the podcast on iTunes to get the audio only version of Remix Report! [display_podcast] ... Read More »