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Episode 005 – The Unknown Interview

Today we interview this months #1 selling duo on Crack4Djs.net, The Unknown.  Who the heck are these guys?  What do they look like?  Where are they from?  These questions and more might not be answered, but we promise others will.  If you have questions for ... Read More »

Episode 004 – Dj Serafin Interview Pt. 1

In today’s episode we get down to business and ask one of Crooklyn Clan’s hottest remixers the hard hitting questions that you want the answers to.  Find out if Tiger Woods is mad about Serafin’s “Get Stroke My Tiger” remix.  Make sure you check out ... Read More »

Episode 003 – How Low (The Remixes)

Today we highlight a few remixes of “How Low” by Ludacris ft. Shawnna About the remixes: Song: How Low (Dj Excel Uptempo Remix) BPM/Key: 140 – D-flat Minor Where to find it: www.bmoreoriginal.com Song: How Low (Lil Fos Mix) BPM/Key: 136 – D-flat Minor Where ... Read More »

Pants on the Ground

It’s been almost a week since we started and things are really coming together!  We’re putting in a lot of behind-the-scenes work and we’ve definitely got some dope new material on the way — including interviews with some of your favorite remixers discussing their tracks and how they ... Read More »

Episode 2 – Your Love (Roctakon Remix)

Today we highlight a classic remix: Outfield – Your Love (Roctakon Remix) About this remix: Remixer/Location: Roctakon (NYC) Song: Outfield – Your Love (Roctakon Remix) BPM/Key: 127 – E Major Where to find it: www.directmusicservice.com This is a very well known remix that put Roctakon ... Read More »

Episode 1 – Rock This Party (Julien Creance Remix)

Today we highlight a sick new remix: Bob Sinclair – Rock This Party (Julien Creance Remix) About this remix: Remixer/Location: Julien Creance (France) Song: Bob Sinclair – Rock This Party (Julien Creance Remix) BPM/Key: 128 – D Minor Where to find it: djcity.com/digital Remixers websites: ... Read More »


Welcome to RemixReport.com!  We started this blog to bring you informative commentary on DJing and remixing that will help you enhance your party rocking skills.  We’ll be bringing you remix reviews, Dj & remixer interviews and song mixing ideas and critiques.  Of course there will ... Read More »