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Dj JD Spring 2014 Bootleg Pack (Free Download)

Every now and then we have to post our own personal DJ tools, so here are a few of my latest to spice up your uptempo sets with DOWNLOADS! Read More »

What Do You Do When Someone In India Steals Your Profile Picture?

As we approach 8 billion people on the planet, the world just keeps feeling smaller and smaller… As our friend Dj Joey G (happy belated birthday!) was reading the comments on another blog, he came across a familiar profile picture.  I’m sure he was thinking, ... Read More »

Eat. Sleep. Shrine. Repeat. (Dj JD & Vinny Vibe)

Eat. Sleep. Shrine. Repeat.

Our mix of the week is Eat. Sleep. Shrine. Repeat. from our very own Dj JD with Vinny Vibe.  It’s been 9 months since the last Shrine mix, so this mix was long overdue.  They did some fun production on the intro with the Shrine girls and JD’s even got ... Read More »

Video Report V2.0 Episode 4 [SMACK talking]

This week Eloy and Joshua Are back and have some news on new Mixers, Serato DJ, Cinq and a few other gems… But honestly, you need to see the SMACKCAM in this episode… The boys have cut down episode time quite a bit, so its ... Read More »

Shut Up & Talk – Remix Report Interview!

Finally… The moment you’ve all been waiting for… The Rock-it! Scientists sit down and talk with Dj Jd and Dj Jay Spring about what’s really going on with Remix Report, plus a bunch of other nonsense. You’ll love it! “Founders of the word famous REMIX ... Read More »

289 – Greyhound (Playlist)

Dj Jay Spring’s Example: Rattle Greyhound (Jay Spring Edit) Troll (Sick Individuals Remix) Dj JD’s Example: Troll (John Cardona Edit) Rumor Has Greyhound (Dj JD Bootleg) Scream (NASA Hook First Intro) AUDIO PODCAST Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe via RSS [display_podcast] Let us know what your ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – Perks of Being a DJ

After we recap our weekend we talk about JD’s new 90’s mini mix on the DMS blog, Styles Davis’s West Coast mix on Dj City, Enferno’s LRP, Canada’s music lisenciing, Mark Farina being kicked of the decks in Vegas, CDJ2000 HID mode, Dj creativity, the ... Read More »

Episode 117 – The Report

Remix Report has been taken over!  Who knows what’s going on!!  Watch to find out!! Dj Jay Spring: www.facebook.com/jayspringfans, www.twitter.com/djjayspring Dj JD: www.facebook.com/therealdjjd, www.twitter.com/therealdjjd (Big thanks to Dj Guzie & Dj Solarz aka the Rockit! Scientists!) We’d like to hear form you. Register and leave ... Read More »

Episode 064 – No Diggity (Dj Katch Reggae Refix)

Today we’re talking about a hot new remix from Frankfurt, Germany’s Dj Katch.  It a reggae reaffix of the classic 90’s RnB track, No Diggity (one of my favorites – JD).  He chopped up a hip-hop song, the name of which is slipping my mind, ... Read More »

Episode 063 – Dj Scene Interview

Dj Scene is undoubtedly one of the best in game.  Constantly traveling, between Vegas, San Francisco and the rest of the US, yet maintaining a weekly radio show and constantly pushing his flawless style.  He’s also one of the funnest DJ’s to hang out with ... Read More »