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Weekend Recap – Wikipedia says Deadmau5 IS a DJ

You voted and said that Deadmau5 is NOT a DJ, but Jay Spring disagrees! We also talk about summer beach parties, watch a dope turntablist routine, hear Afrojack’s take on Paris Hilton DJing and more… Links: Dj Jay Springs DMS Mini Mix A DJ’s-Eye View ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – Perks of Being a DJ

After we recap our weekend we talk about JD’s new 90’s mini mix on the DMS blog, Styles Davis’s West Coast mix on Dj City, Enferno’s LRP, Canada’s music lisenciing, Mark Farina being kicked of the decks in Vegas, CDJ2000 HID mode, Dj creativity, the ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – DMS, Pete Tong, Dj Sneak & DJ’s Faking It!

Lot’s of thought provoking topics today including Pete Tong sounding off on Big Businesses influence on House music and DJ Sneak’s twitter beef with Steve Angello. Find out how many viewers are “Faking It” and make sure you check out the new blog from DMS. ... Read More »

Episode 075 – California Gurls (The Remixes)

There are seriously a million remixes of Katy Perry’s newest hit, “California Gurls.”  We’ve sifted through a lot to give you this list.  We’ve tried to highlight some of the best.  there were a lot of OK remixes out there, but we felt these were ... Read More »

Episode 062 – Victor Menegaux Interview

We consider Victor Menegaux one of the greatest and most consistent remix/mash-up DJs in the game. He’s been in the game for a long time, putting out remixes on Vinyl back in the day, and then making the transition to the digital era. He was on ... Read More »

Episode 056 – Dj Risk One Interview

Today we talk with Seatles Dj Risk One about his Remixes on Crooklynclan.net and his recent move to San Francisco.  What does it take for an established DJ to move city’s?  You can find out here! www.djriskone.com www.crooklynclan.net/riskone www.directmusicservice.com Leave a comment or email us ... Read More »

Episode 003 – How Low (The Remixes)

Today we highlight a few remixes of “How Low” by Ludacris ft. Shawnna About the remixes: Song: How Low (Dj Excel Uptempo Remix) BPM/Key: 140 – D-flat Minor Where to find it: www.bmoreoriginal.com Song: How Low (Lil Fos Mix) BPM/Key: 136 – D-flat Minor Where ... Read More »

Episode 2 – Your Love (Roctakon Remix)

Today we highlight a classic remix: Outfield – Your Love (Roctakon Remix) About this remix: Remixer/Location: Roctakon (NYC) Song: Outfield – Your Love (Roctakon Remix) BPM/Key: 127 – E Major Where to find it: www.directmusicservice.com This is a very well known remix that put Roctakon ... Read More »