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327 – Clique

Clique is the most requested Hip-Hop song out right now, with a dope pulsing bass line, a catchy hook and great featured artists. Here’s how we work it into our sets. Dj Jay Spring’s Example: House Party Clique (Deville ReDrum) PSA (The Unknown Remix) Dj ... Read More »

Episode 255 – Talk That Talk (Playlist)

We had a special request to do a playlist showing how we mix in and out of Rihanna and Jay-Z’s “Talk That Talk.” Dj JD’s Example: 6 Foot, 7 Foot Talk That Talk (Graff Party Break Intro) Beamer, Benz or Bently (Diggz Eit) Dj Jay ... Read More »

Episode 138 – Big Pimpin Playlist

In today’s playlist edition we respond to a viewers request and give examples of how we mix in and out of Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin'”. Jay Spring Example: Ludacris – What’s Your Fantasy Jay-Z – Big Pimpin’ Three 6 Mafia – Stay Fly Dj JD Example: ... Read More »

Episode 065 – PSA Playlist

Public Service Announcement (Interlude) is one of Jay-Z’s biggest club songs, hands down!  It commands a reaction from all trips of crowds and is one of the bets tools in your arsenal.  Today we explain the correct way to mix it in.  It doesn’t start ... Read More »

Episode 015 – Empire State of Mind Pt. II (The Remixes)

Today we highlight remixes of: Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind Pt. II About this remix: Song: Empire State of Mind (Part II) (Julien Creance Remix) BPM/Key: 128/E-flat Minor Where to find it: www.djcity.com/digital Song: Empire State of Mind Part II (Big Room Blend ... Read More »