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Weekend Recap – Avicii’s Sick of Levels

Dj Guzie of the mighty Rock-It! Scientists joins us to discuss Jane Bang’s diss track against Paris Hilton, Dj’s against bullying, Frank Ocean coming out, more Dj’s being kicked off the decks, violence at SHM’s Dublin show, how to best promote on facebook, Trap remixes ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – Dj City 3.0, EDM Clowns, MIK & Video DJing

In today’s recap we rundown our weekend events, from prom’s to college parties, remember MCA, discuss DJ City’s new look, laugh at a couple funny remixes, call out the clowns in the EDM scene, read the new book from Mixed In Key and get into ... Read More »

Weekend Recap – Hot Equipment, New Hits & Promoting Online

We’re back with another recap of the weeks hottest DJ topics. What’s the most popular equipment to use? What are the next batch of top 40 hits? How should you promote your remixes online? Find out in today’s recap! Topic of the Week results: Turntables ... Read More »

Episode 249 – Levels (Playlist)

Check out these example of how we fit Avicii’s “Levels” into our sets. Dj Jay Spring’s Example Good Feeling (Dj Scooter Filthy Bootleg) Levels (Cazzette Remix) Feel So Close (Audiobot Remix) Dj JD’s Example I’m The Ish (Dj JD Acapella Out Edit) Good Feeling (Levels)(FTampa ... Read More »