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Video Report – Episode 10: Mailbag (Pt 2)

We continue where our last episode left off. We answer a lot of questions from the mailbag and talk about what’s new in the video world and much, much more. So get ready for this crazy ride with us on VideoReport! AUDIO PODCAST Subscribe on ... Read More »

Video Report – Episode 10: Mailbag (Pt 1)

Well, here we are at Episode 10! I know it’s been awhile, but we are back and will be dropping a lot of episodes soon, so get ready… In this Episode we answer a lot of questions from the mailbag and talk about what’s new ... Read More »

Episode 144 – Mailbag

Your questions: – What do you do about not getting paid at the end of the night/taking less pay on slow nights? – How do you go about recording a mix/CD? – How much top 40/newer tracks can i get away with playing without “burning”. ... Read More »

Episode 136 – Mailbag

Your questions: – What’s the best way to play for an 18 and under event? – What’s a good record pool for Rock? – What do I say to someone requesting a hot song early in the night? – Do you wear earplugs when you ... Read More »

Episode 130 – Mailbag

Today we have another mailbag!  Your questions, our answers. 1) What are good headphones for DJing? 2) Can you break down the radio charts? 3) How much time should I spend going through remixes? 4) What should I do if the crowd wants music that ... Read More »

Episode 126 – Mailbag

We’ve got another round of your questions with our answers. 1) Can JD & Spring switch seats? 2) What’s good remixing software to start with? 3) What’s the difference between Electro and Dirty Dutch 4) What’s good equipment to buy to get into DJing? 5) ... Read More »

Episode 120 – Mailbag

Each mailbag is a chance for us to answer your questions, so keep em coming!  Today questions are: – Playing for a younger crowd an quick mixing is killing me.  What do I do? – How to deal with last minute parties – Where can ... Read More »

Episode 114 – Mailbag

Questions: – What is the best way to mix songs with off beat snares? – Do resident Dj’s at clubs still exist or have promoters taken over? – What are some good edit’s/remixes of “Sweet Caroline”? – How do you get drops from artists as ... Read More »

Episode 106 – Mailbag

In this weeks mailbag we get all caught up with your questions!  So keep them coming. We’d like to hear form you. Register and leave a comment or email us at remixreport@gmail.com. Read More »

Episode 100 – Mailbag

Today we celebrate our 100th episode!!  And we thought the best thing to do would be to answer your questions.  We wouldn’t be here without you after all.  We’ve received a lot of questions from you and are trying to get caught up answering them ... Read More »