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309 – Sexy And I Know It (Chris James Gangnam Style Blend)

This week is JD’s pick. It’s partly just to piss off Jay Spring and partly because it’s a well executed blend that includes 2 of the jokiest songs in recent memory. Looking to add a fun mashup to your set? Try this one out! Connect ... Read More »

276 – It’s My Violence (Dj’s From Mars Bootleg)

DJ’s From Mars are some of our favorite mashup producers out right now, and for good reason. Everything they put out it on point. Not just simple mashups, but mashups with production to take it to the next level. They just released a bootleg pack ... Read More »

Weekend Recap With Dj Supersede

It’s time to run down the HOT topics of the week! Our friend DJ Supersede (@djsuperesede) joins us this week to talk about the launch of his new website and release of 2 new full length mixes, all available at www.djsupersede.com. Also this week: -Whitney ... Read More »

Episode 139 – Otherside (Dj Riz Remix) (Classic)

Dj Riz’s “Otherside” remix is one of the most popular mashups of all time. It’s Riz’s #1 selling mashup on Crooklynclan.net and #5 all-time on the site. He took the classic Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song and chopped it up B-more style. It’s definitely representative ... Read More »

Episode 104 – It Takes B-more (Classic)

Dj Serafin has more than a few tracks you could consider “classic” in the mashup game, but “It Takes B-more” is by far the most classic of them all.  This track epitomizes the B-more mashup.  As one of the first “It Takes…” remixes, because the ... Read More »

Episode 064 – No Diggity (Dj Katch Reggae Refix)

Today we’re talking about a hot new remix from Frankfurt, Germany’s Dj Katch.  It a reggae reaffix of the classic 90’s RnB track, No Diggity (one of my favorites – JD).  He chopped up a hip-hop song, the name of which is slipping my mind, ... Read More »

Episode 063 – Dj Scene Interview

Dj Scene is undoubtedly one of the best in game.  Constantly traveling, between Vegas, San Francisco and the rest of the US, yet maintaining a weekly radio show and constantly pushing his flawless style.  He’s also one of the funnest DJ’s to hang out with ... Read More »

Episode 062 – Victor Menegaux Interview

We consider Victor Menegaux one of the greatest and most consistent remix/mash-up DJs in the game. He’s been in the game for a long time, putting out remixes on Vinyl back in the day, and then making the transition to the digital era. He was on ... Read More »

Episode 061 – Get Low (Playlist)

In honor of yesterdays release of “Crunk Rock” we’re talking about songs we play around Lil Jon’s “Get Low.” It’s a bonafide classic with tons of energy and guaranteed to get your crowd singing along. How do you keep the energy going after a song ... Read More »

Episode 060 – Show One Love

Today we’re highlighting a very creative remaining of Swedish House Mafia’s “One.”  Hardwell, who you know from the “Be vs Show Me Love” remix, re-pitched the synth line from “One” to make it mimic “Show me Love.”  Incredibly creative and instantly recognizable to listeners.  Now, ... Read More »