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283 – Disco House Playlist

In todays playlist we highlight some of our favorite Disco House tracks. These are great for your opening sets, corporate parties and they’re just plain fun to listen to. List some of your favorite Disco House tracks in the comments. Uffie ft. Pharrell – ADD ... Read More »

Episode 025 – Opening Playlist Pt. 3 (121-130)

Today we highlight good tracks for your opening set.  This is the BPM range you’re often at right before the headliner comes on and choosing the right songs to get the crowd at the perfect energy level can be crucial. Dee Lite – Groove Is ... Read More »

Episode 022 – Opening Playlist Pt. 2 (105-120 BPM)

Today we highlight good tracks for your opening set in the 105-120 BPM Range.  This BPM range can be difficult for a lot of people, so hopefully this will be helpful to a lot of people. Boyz II Men – Motownphilly Whitney Houston – I ... Read More »

Episode 013 – The Opening DJ (Intro)

Normally on Wednesdays, we’ll discuss particular BPM segments for certain genres of music.   For instance, you’ll eventually see us cover our 100-107 BPM Old School Hip Hop set and our 125-132 BPM 80’s Rock set.  Today however, we are gonna cover a topic that has ... Read More »