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Episode 070 – Crazy In Love Playlist

Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” is a guaranteed hit on just about any dancefloor.  Almost 8 years after it’s release it still get’s a reaction like it was brand new.  Today we talk about how we play this song and some songs we mix after it. ... Read More »

Episode 065 – PSA Playlist

Public Service Announcement (Interlude) is one of Jay-Z’s biggest club songs, hands down!  It commands a reaction from all trips of crowds and is one of the bets tools in your arsenal.  Today we explain the correct way to mix it in.  It doesn’t start ... Read More »

Episode 061 – Get Low (Playlist)

In honor of yesterdays release of “Crunk Rock” we’re talking about songs we play around Lil Jon’s “Get Low.” It’s a bonafide classic with tons of energy and guaranteed to get your crowd singing along. How do you keep the energy going after a song ... Read More »

Episode 058 – It Takes Scoop Playlist

Today we’re giving some examples of how we mix out of Crooklyn Clan’s hit remix “It Takes Scoop,” sometimes referred to as “It Takes Kool.”  This is one of the most played remixes out there and has tons of hype which cans sometimes be hard ... Read More »

Episode 055 – Summer Songs

We’re getting in the summer mood and thought this list of songs could help you get in the mood too. Summertime – Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince California Gurls – Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg Billionare – Travis McCoy Good Vibrations – Beach Boys The ... Read More »

Episode 053 – Current Hot 120-130 Hits

Today we highlight the top 10 mainstream club songs we’re playing right now along with remixes we’re playing. OMG – Usher (Disco Fries, Deville) Love is My Drug – Kesha (Deville) Break Your Heart – Taio Cruz (Deville, Benny Black) Telephone – Lady Gaga (Crookers, ... Read More »

Episode 047 – Push It (Playlist)

Today we dig into our own crates and give you examples of how we mix in and out of Salt N Pepa’s classic song “Push It.”  This is a guaranteed hit at any club! Let us know how you play “Push It”.  Leave a comment ... Read More »

Episode 028 – Switching Up Your Residency

Today we get into how you can keep your residency fresh.  Playing for the same crowd every week, it can be hard to constantly bring something new to the table.  We’ll discuss a few things we’ve done to help us along the way. Let us ... Read More »

Episode 010 – Reggae Playlist for the Commercial Club

Today we highlight dancehall/reggae tracks that work for commercial/bottle service clubs. —Note— During our set, we usually mix quickly in and out of many of these songs.  This is usually easy to do, as most reggae tracks feature a built in 4 bar intro. Old ... Read More »