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298 – BIG (SikDuo Remix)

Today’s remix is brought to you by… Two NYC remix legends. Chris Moody & Dj Riz have teamed up for a new venture, SikDuo. “BIG” is their second release in the last year and I hear there’s much more to come, very soon. This track ... Read More »

283 – Disco House Playlist

In todays playlist we highlight some of our favorite Disco House tracks. These are great for your opening sets, corporate parties and they’re just plain fun to listen to. List some of your favorite Disco House tracks in the comments. Uffie ft. Pharrell – ADD ... Read More »

Episode 141 – Dj Riz Interview

Last weekend we had the opportunity to sit down with Dj Riz, 1/2 of Crooklyn Clan and co-founder of Crooklynclan.net. Along with Dj Sizzahands, Riz created the most recognizable party breaks and club records and was a driving force behind the AV8 Record label. In ... Read More »

Episode 140 – Crooklyn Clan – Ladyz (Playlist)

“Ladyz” is one of Dj Riz’s most well known remixes from the party break heyday. It’s named appropriately… Every time you drop this you are guaranteed to hear ladies scream. Today we discuss the ways we fit this classic into our sets. You can find ... Read More »

Episode 139 – Otherside (Dj Riz Remix) (Classic)

Dj Riz’s “Otherside” remix is one of the most popular mashups of all time. It’s Riz’s #1 selling mashup on Crooklynclan.net and #5 all-time on the site. He took the classic Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song and chopped it up B-more style. It’s definitely representative ... Read More »