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Video Report – Episode 5: Mix Emergency 2.0 World Premiere!

The Mix Emergency 2.0 world premiere! Complete with a screen capture and walkthrough, as well as a feature list… While we did record this weeks back, even since its filming there have been NEW additions! Be sure to carefully read the release notes for all ... Read More »

Video Report – Episode 4: Mailbag & More

Well, here we are at Episode 4! Crazy right? We told you in the last episode we have two for you this week! Seeing how episode 3 was just part of the introduction video, we dragged Eloy back to Boston to sit in on this ... Read More »

Video Report – Episode 3: Introduction Pt. 2

We got two episodes popping this week! Today we are dropping part TWO of the introduction video. We leave behind the clowing a tad and get a little more into the nitty gritty of the introduction video, and what the show is all about. Touching ... Read More »

Video Report – Episode 2: Scan Converters & Video Scalers

Its all business now! This week we got 2 episodes coming at ya, and a free Whitney Houston edit for your weekend. First up its a Scan-converter and Scaler video. Here we have a great deal on our personal experience with a fair amount of ... Read More »

Video Report – Episode 1

Here we go true believers. You had heard the hype. You saw the teasers. Now its time for VIDEO REPORT! Wait… seriously? That’s the name? nothing clever or inventive? No time for love Doctor Jones, we are jumping right in with everything video, but for ... Read More »